How do I confirm my booking?
50% of the total amount of the rental is required to confirm the booking. 50% remaining balance will be requested 60 days prior to arrival according to season; 90 days prior to arrival for Holiday bookings.

What is the next step after I confirm my reservation?
Once your reservation is confirmed, 30/45 days prior to arrival we will be introducing your personal concierge who will be in charge of all the details prior to and during your stay. Should you want to talk to our concierge team or book any activities ahead, contact us at concierge@volalto.com, please make sure to identify yourself.

How many airport transfers do I have included from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)?
This will depend on the number of rooms in the villa you have booked.

Should I have any specific documents to get into the Dominican Republic?
A passport is required, but extra documents are not necessary. However, you should complete the E-Ticket form, which is a requirement of the Dominican Government to get inside the country: https://eticket.migracion.gob.do/Auth/TravelRegister
(The E-Ticket form should be completed for departure as well) In the end, you will receive a QR Code which should be scanned at the airport. The on-site concierge will be sharing the address of the villa.

Do I need a covid vaccine or covid test to get into the Dominican Republic?
Covid vaccine and covid test are not required to get into the Dominican Republic.

Which services are my concierge assisting with?
Your on-site concierge will be assisting prior to and during your stay. He/she will be coordinating transportation, access to the resort, arrange of meals and beverages, caring for the staff functions, golf cart reservations, dinner reservations in any restaurant, massages and activities bookings, grocery shopping, and more. The concierge would also be visiting you during your stay and be in contact during the day in case of extra services or anything you might need.

What would be the cost if I want to have a butler during my stay?
Butler service can vary from USD $ 80.00 to USD $ 110.00 per day, according to the number of people.

Does the villa comes with its own chef, and if not can I add one?
Some of the villas include the chef service, in case it is not included the personal concierge is able to assist in contracting a chef with extra cost.

What is the cost for us to have a chef?
Chef service can vary according to the number of people from USD $ 120 (1 to 10 people) to USD $ 160 per day (up to 16 people).

Are the groceries included with the rental?
No, groceries are extra. Our guests have an average consumption from USD $ 40 to USD $ 65 per person, per day in food and beverage (this may vary according to the quality of products and alcohol)

Are there additional resort fees or resort access fees?
No, resort access is complimentary for both Cap Cana and Puntacana Resorts & Club.

Which facilities would I have available in Puntacana Resorts & Club?
The resort has very good facilities as a selection of 6 restaurants (La Yola, Bamboo, The Grill, Mare, Anani, and Brassa) including two beach clubs (La Cana and Playa Blanca), a tennis center with several courses, 2 golf courses (La Cana and Corales), an Ecological Reserve (Ojos Indigenas), a Six Senses Spa and several activities available to book as a kite club, horseback riding and more. After the reservation is confirmed you’ll receive a link with your villa activities guide.

Which facilities would I have available in Cap Cana?
You would have access to 2 beach clubs (Juanillo Beach Club and API Beach Club) The Eden Rock Beach Club with extra cost (USD 100.00 per person, per day, subject to availability) and included for the villas Yarari Royale and Caleton 3. Several restaurants such as Aura, Barbudo, Luga, La Palapa and more Punta Espada Golf Course, Blue Lagoon, and Scape Park. After the reservation is confirmed you’ll receive a link with your villa activities guide.

Should I buy all my groceries or do you do my pre-shopping?
Your on-site concierge will be assisting with grocery shopping prior to and during your stay. Every purchase has an additional cost of US $ 40.00 for each trip for Puntacana Resort and US 45.00 for Cap Cana.
The grocery shopping fee is there because you will only pay for the real cost of the purchases at the supermarket, so there will be no markups added to your food and beverage consumption. You will be presented at the end of your stay or during your stay if requested to the concierge, with a comprehensive summarized invoice with all the details. A taxi will charge you US$ 50 - US$ 70 for a roundtrip to the closest supermarket.

How far are the properties from the beach?
The distance can vary according to the villa specific, however, it can vary from 5-12 minutes maximum in a golf cart. Walking distance may be too far from some villas.

Are beach chairs included in beach clubs?
Yes, but they cannot be reserved prior visit.

Can I rent golf carts during my stay, how much are each?
Yes, your concierge would be able to help with the golf cart rental. Prices can vary from USD $ 45 to USD $ 80 per day in the low season and up to USD $ 110 during the holiday season.

Do the villas have a Pool and a Hot tub?
All out villas have a private pool, some with the option to be heated for an additional daily cost, and other regular pools or infinity pools. Feel free to ask for reservations for villa options with a hot tub, heated jacuzzi, or kids pool. You can always visit our website and use the search filter for pool types.

Is electricity included in my rental? And are the villas 110 or 220 volts?
Yes, it is included. We do have the North-American system in Dominican Republic, 110V.

What about the pictures of the resort on the listings?
The image in the beach clubs has a watermark with their names on the photos. Our listings also include areas of the Resorts, such as beaches, lagoons, spas, golf courses, and tennis centers.

What are the general rules of your villas?
Usually rules and standards of the properties are set by each owner. However, all our properties are located in very exclusive closed complexes and it is very important our guests have good behavior. As general rules for all our properties, loud music and parties are not allowed, also smoking must be in open areas of the villas only.

Does the staff sleep in the villa?
Yes, in the staff area.

What about additional guests at the villa?
Per resort rules, all visitors and guests must be registered at least 24-48 hours prior to entry, please provide your concierge with all guest IDs or Passports. This helps ensure safety on resort premises.
Guests who are not on the original booking list must be pre-authorized and within the maximum occupancy of the villa.

Is tap water safe for drinking in the Dominican Republic?
No, but your concierge will add bottled water to your shopping list. We try to be as plastic-free as possible, ask your concierge for alternatives.

How do I tip the staff?
Tips should range from a minimum of US$ 20.00 per staff per day up to 15% of the rental to be distributed among all staff.
Tips can be independently distributed to each employee in envelopes provided in cash or can be charged on your credit card and distributed as you specify in the chart on your final invoice. Please remember always to sign the invoice once established the amounts or percentages to distribute to each one.

What are the check-in and check-out hours?
Check-in is at 03:00 pm and Check-out is at 11:00 am.

How do I manage meal selections and hours?
After the reservation is confirmed, we will send you the menu options and a selection page, as well as a grocery list for extra items you may need.
Meal hours are decided by you, please feel free to inform your concierge at what time you desire to have each one.

Do the resorts have nightclubs?
No, there are no nightclubs in Punta Cana or Cap Cana. Your concierge may help you arrange transportation for nightclubs in town.

What about excursions and activities?
After the reservation is confirmed, you will receive a guide link with excursions and activities. Your concierge can arrange and pre-paid these and add them to your final invoice. There is a lot of variety of things to do, like Fishing, party boats, horseback riding, ATVs, zip lines, natural pools, surf classes, spa, golf, tennis, snorkeling, kite and so much more.